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I abide by professional ethics and all applicable laws governing the protection of your privacy. Be assured that I will not sell, trade or divulge your email address or any other information you may send to this site. Your information will be protected in accordance with the law now and in the future.

I will email you only in response to a request from you for information. Because emails are transmitted over the internet through servers over which neither I nor this site’s web hosting company have control, please avoid sending any sensitive information to me via email. Feel free to contact me by phone instead.

Web Hosting

I have checked with my web hosting company to be sure they take prudent measures against unauthorized access to your email address or other information you send to this site. They use administrative, technical and physical safeguards to prevent misuse, disclosure, destruction or unauthorized access. While no computer system can be absolutely protected, I believe they are taking reasonable steps to protect your information.

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